Wordsmith Translation: Services


    French - English Translation

    Please note that ‘translation’ refers to the written word and ‘interpreting’ to the spoken word. At this time, we do not offer interpreting services.

    All dialects of French into UK, US or Australian English

    NAATI certified documents as required

    Areas of speciality include, but are not limited to:

    • Literature, children’s books, arts, art history, archaeology
    • Cinema, television, radio, theatre, museums, galleries
    • International relations, human rights, immigration
    • Journalism, marketing, market research, tourism
    • Medicine, pharmacy, nutrition/dietetics, dentistry
    • Technical, engineering, construction
    • Animal husbandry, agriculture, marine biology, environment
    • Sciences, social sciences, pedagogy, education, linguistics
    • Culinary, gastronomy, viticulture, oenology
    • Architecture, history, culture, anthropology, geology, geography
    • Fashion, cosmetics, photography
    • Diplomas, certificates, official documents, permits, licenses
    • Your area not here? Just ask.

    English Proofreading & Editing

    Orthography & grammar correction, stylistics, cohesion & coherence. Native speaker proficiency. Technical and creative writing expertise.

    N.B: All our translations are automatically proofread and edited as part of the translation cost; it's all part of our standard service and guarantee of quality.

    French - English Subtitling

    Creation of English & French language subtitles and English master subtitle files for cinema and television.

    UK - US - Australian English Localisation

    Communication happens on many levels, and language can never exist independently of culture. Although you may speak the same language as your target audience, you need cultural sensitivity to really hit your mark, particularly in advertising & marketing. Be heard, be understood and get your message across on all levels.

    French - English Specialist Glossary Creation

    If your business regularly requires translation, of either in-house documents or those for the rest of the world, it is strongly recommended that you develop a specialised and personalised glossary specifically tailored to the vocabulary of your business. Not only does this ensure uniformity across all your company documents and promote clarity, but it cuts your translation work in half. All companies speak their own language; make sure your translator is speaking yours.

    French & French Accent Voice-Overs

    Whether you are creating a French language program, developing learning materials or simply need to add something stylish to your advertisement, announcement or song, consider adding a little French chic and experience la différence!