Wordsmith Translation: Welcome to Wordsmith

Alanna Wilson-Duff

    Welcome to Wordsmith Translation

    “The greatest compliment you can pay a client is to speak their language.“

    Fully NAATI accredited and a member of AUSIT, Wordsmith Translation is built on the founding principles of Quality, Professionalism, Confidentiality and Reliability.

    Quality Our translations are always of the highest publishing standard. We only ever translate into our native language, because there are so many aspects of language which simply cannot be taught. No education can ever provide that innate sense of ‘just sounding right’. Similarly, simply being a native speaker is not nearly enough. We are trained, experienced and talented writers.

    Professionalism Translation is an established profession like any other and requires specialist training and many years of experience. All Wordsmith translators hold postgraduate university qualifications in translation and interpreting, are fully accredited with NAATI, Australia’s only recognised official accreditation body, and abide strictly by the AUSIT Code of Ethics for our profession. When it comes to professionalism, there’s no such thing as compromise.

    Confidentiality All documents that pass through our hands are treated with the utmost of confidentiality and respect. From your legal documents and financial reports to your new advertising campaign, you can rest easy, no one will know until you want them to. You may also rest assured that all documents are treated with absolute impartiality.

    Reliability When you don’t speak the language in question, you need to know that you’re working with your business partner on the basis of absolute trust; someone who understands the language and culture of your target audience intimately, whose judgement is unfalteringly reliable. Wordsmith Translation provides transparent communication for you and your business.